Thursday, May 20, 2010

Emma's Graduation

Well, it's official. My little girl has graduated from preschool! :) I am excited to watch this new chapter of Emma's life unfold...and I am sad to say goodbye to the last of her preschool years. All of her teachers & paras are very special to our family. They have been SO good to Emma and have really helped her to blossom. She is getting to be a BIG girl.

Emma's locker:
Sophie waiting in the hall for the Graduation Festivities to begin!

These next pictures are DARK. Yes, my flash was ON. My freakin' camera is just getting OLD. This is Emma leading her classmates up to the stage! (Emma DOES like to be the boss)! ;)

I caught a shot of Emma walking across the stage to accept her certificate:
And, I caught her after she received it. My camera froze and I missed the getting the picture of her actually accepting it!
So, Emma was not liking all of the camera flashes! ;) I think that she was ready to get off of the stage.

She decided to "check out here"...enough was enough already.... ;)
Big smiles after the big ceremony!
And, dancing...

Getting ready to eat a snack at school.

Emma with Ms. Marci (her teacher). Emma with Ms. Stephanie (one of her paras). Emma with Ms. Sara (her speech teacher).
Emma with Ms. Nan and Ms. Teresa (her paras).
We CELEBRATED with pizza for dinner! :)

Emma's official certificate. :)
I brought Emma a balloon and watch when I picked her up this morning. ;)

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