Saturday, February 21, 2009


I promise that I will post some pictures in my next post. :)

We have booked our flights and reserved our hotel for our Journey to Sophie! We are leaving Wichita and flying to Chicago on March 5th. We will meet up with my Mom and spend a short 20 hours in Chicago visiting Greg's family-specifically his Grandma who was in a horrible car accident a couple of weeks ago. We really want to see her. We leave the morning of March 6th for Beijing and arrive the evening of March 7th (are you confused yet???) where we will hop on another flight to Guangzhou where we will finally land sometime after 9:00 pm! March 8th will be our day to recuperate and find a WalMart or Carrefour to stock up on our basics. THEN on MARCH 9TH we will meet Sophie!! :-) We will finalize her adoption the next day and we have our Consulate Appointment tentatively set for March 17th. Then we will fly home on March 19th, we are flying from Guangzhou to Tokyo to Chicago...then my Mom will catch her flight to Michigan and we are stuck waiting for our flight home until the NEXT MORNING...ugh, ugh,ugh. With two toddlers in transit for 30 hours I really wish that we could step foot in our own house that night! Oh well.

Greg had to work today, so Emma and I went to WalMart to stock up on some groceries. We REALLY did stock up, too! I bought anything that was not perishable so that when we get back from China we will only have to run out that day to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. I made 18 individual servings of Annie's Organic Macaroni and Cheese with peas & froze them so that I will have something to feed the girls (or at least Emma...) for lunch when I am too zombie like to cook during those early days back. ;) I bought baby food and cereal since we still do not know how much exposure-if any-Sophie has had to solid foods.

We leave in 12 days....TWELVE!!!! :-D

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