Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Help-Technical Dificulties!!!!

Apparently I am "out of space" with my picture storage and I can't upload any more pictures to my blog for free....HUH?! I am 100% 101% blog challenged. SERIOUSLY, I do not have a clue. If you are a fellow "Blogger" and you understand....PLEASE explain it to me. ACKKK! If I have to purchase additional storage that would stink. Is there a way to save it all or something to gain space?

Outside~Part Four.

Obviously the previous sidewalk art was by Miss. Emma-no caption was necessary! ;)
This lovely picture was drawn by my baby Sophie.
Appartently, it is ME. :)
They both drew several pictures that afternoon....but, I am having too many problems uploading to share them all.

Outside~Part Three.

Outside~Part Two.

Outside~Part One

Blogger is not being cooperative.
It took me over an HOUR to upload these three pictures.
That's crazy!!!
SO, I will be uploading pictures of the girls outside in a series of posts.
We have had a taste of spring weather here and we are LOVING those days!

Cuddle Bugs

More so than ever I am finding these two in this position.

Food Du Jour

~Homemade heart shaped pizzas~

!Homemade chicken nuggets with marinara sauce & mashed potatoes~

The pizza and mashed potatoes were approved by the critics. :)
The nuggets got four thumbs down. :/
Oh well, whatever. :)

The Pony Tail

Look at who's hair is FINALLY long enough for a pony tail!
And, make no mistake....she IS as sassy as she looks!!! :-O

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