Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Have I Gone Mad?!

While Emma was in school yesterday Sophie and I ran to Sam's Club. I always buy the basics when we go; paper towels, Kleenex, bottled water...nothing exciting. I don't know WHAT I was thinking yesterday when Sophie pointed to the humongous container of unhealthy cheese balls. But, I said yes. The girls were very, VERY pleased with this purchase as you can see.....

Celebrating Chinese New Year at School!

Emma has been in the same classroom for the past two years. Her teachers and paras are WONDERFUL and very special to us. They have helped Emma grow in so many ways. We are fortunate that her teacher Ms. Marci is open to allowing us to share Emma's heritage. For Chinese New Year this year Emma brought in a snack of noodles, egg rolls and oranges to share with her friends. She also brought books that Ms. Marci read & Chinese music as well. Lastly she gave red envelopes to each of her friends.

(This picture of Emma and Sophie was taken at home)!

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