Friday, September 18, 2009

Now We Know...

Now we know how hard Emma has to work to make it through each day.

Now we know why Emma behaves uniquely.

Now we know that her actions are not defiant.

Now I know that I should have LISTENED to my gut instinct from day #1...I am not crazy after all. (Well, maybe I am still crazy....but I was RIGHT about my daughter)!

Now we know what we need to do to help Emma reach her full potential. we know that Emma has Autism.

The results of Emma's testing were shared with us this afternoon. Emma is a "Atypical High-Functioning Autistic". Please don't ask me to explain the term in detail because my brain is like jello. I am taking it all in. When I am more educated I will be sharing Emma's progress from time to time on the blog. But, for now you can watch the following video if you want to understand how Emma's mind works. It is in simple terms and easy to understand. My dear friend Sarah shared this video with me and tutored me on how to upload it to my blog. (Thanks Sarah)!

One thing that I want to make clear is that Emma is STILL Emma. She is funny and sweet and I really can not imagine our lives without her in it. :)I am proud to be Emma's Mommy. We don't want anybody's pity, we just want people to understand our family. Don't assume that we don't socialize because we are rude, it is because sometimes doing the "normal stuff" is HARD.

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