Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Daddy's Girl

Emma TRULY is her Daddy's girl! : )

For those of you who know Greg, there is no question that the man is a football fanatic! He lives & breathes the sport. On Sunday afternoons Emma often hangs around Greg while he is glued to the TV for 10+ hours. She really gets a kick out of his yelling and clapping, in fact she often joins in with a "WHOOOO" or a "Touchdown"!

I should NOT have been surprised when she spotted a football at the store and had to have it...

Getting Into the Halloween Spirit

Emma was really getting into the Halloween spirit last week.

We (okay- I) baked a Halloween cake and on that very same day Emma recieved a Halloween card in the mail from her favorite people, Lao Lao and Yeh Yeh! Emma is looking forward to spending her "treat money" from Lao Lao at Target soon! ; )

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

We took Emma to the Pumpkin Patch to choose a pumpkin last Saturday. All three of us had a fun time!

Emma has learned how to smile for pictures and keep her eyes open at the same time. Now, if we could
just get her to look at the camera too....

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