Friday, May 22, 2009

Ice Cream AND Cheetos...OH MY!!!

I took the girls to the grocery store on Thursday morning and proceeded to buy BOTH ice cream AND Cheetos! :o Oh dear me. We buy ice cream MAYBE twice a year and I have not purchased Cheetos since maybe the 6th grade? I suppose that is what having kids does to you?! :)

We are NOT the type of parents to say that our kids can't drink juice or eat sugary cereal ever. Everything in moderation is fine....I have just never bought so much crap in one shopping trip. Emma and Sophie were thrilled...and in a bit of shock as well. :p

When I told Emma that her serving of Cheetos was DONE for the day she CRIED. (Really hard). Sophie was signing for "more" wildly. Buying this junk food is like kid-crack. Really. :)

This is what our "dessert" normally consists of... THIS is what dessert was tonight... (YEAH BABY!!!!)

Here is the "Cheetos Crack" that brought Emma to tears...
Sophie said "MMMMMM" 3 or 4 times before I snapped this picture! :D
Here are the girls on crack.....
I love these girls SO MUCH!!! :)

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