Friday, April 8, 2011

A Huge Step!!!

I received the BEST email ever yesterday from Emma's Special Education teacher, Mrs. Donahue:

I didn’t get to witness it…but Jen (Emma's Para) said that when they got to PE today, Emma did her running warm-up and exercises without any support or prompting (for the 1st time), she was smiling and saying hi to coach…and smiling at the other kids. And that’s not even the best part! They played tag today and Emma got to be the “tagger”. She played tag WITHOUT JEN or anyone else helping her. She was interacting with the other kids…smiling and tagging and running around!! Hooray Emma! Everyone was so proud of her.

To say that Greg and I are proud of Emma is an understatement. This is such a HUGE step for Emma. It gives positive hope for her future. Emma will ALWAYS have autism...but, she is proving that it will NOT define WHO she is.

Emma is now taking a cocktail of 3 medications every day. It is not ideal by any means, but obviously it is working!

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