Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Cutest Boy EVER!!!

Look closely, look VERY closely...please take your time...okay, now tell me: Is he speaking to your heart too? He was SHOUTING to my heart to be adopted, unfortunately my husband Greg just could not hear him. He tried. Really hard. (*SIGH*). I want it to be stated that Greg's reasons had nothing personally to do with this cutie pie. It took me awhile to let go of this little boy. Obviously, I am still working on that! ;)

I first saw this precious little face known as "John" on LOVE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES blog last month. He was featured because he WANTS a forever family to call his own. I was able to find out a little bit more about him. LWB has a lot more information about him that they could share AFTER a family has been approved by the CCAA to adopt him-that is a very special gift for any adoptive parents!

What I can tell you is that his SN is post operative and he is apparently doing great. He is ALL BOY; he loves to play outdoors with the other kids in his neighborhood. He has been in foster care since 2005 in Anhui Province. He will turn 9 at the end of May.

I know of the last adoption agency that had his file. The lady that we spoke to was very nice and I have her contact information that I will share upon request. While his file has been returned to the CCAA this agency WILL request it for you. (I imagine that you could ask any agency to)?

If you are not considering adoption at this time please mention this little boy to some family that is. He just seems too special to not have a family.

It NEVER Gets Old......

Emma and Sophie LOVE, LOVE visiting our little neighborhood park. Especially when it's not crowded and they have the entire place to themselves. It has been a wicked cold winter here by Kansas standards, so these random spring like days are very welcomed! I have seen a BIG change in Sophie as far as playing on the equipment. She is still timid. But, this last trip she did not cry one single time. (Okay, she was close a few times....). She asked to go on the swing and she even seemed to like it! :) Last year she SCREAMED if we tried to put her in the swing. Sophie is more confident in herself and she is developing her own personality instead of always mimicking her adored big sister. I was pleased to observe Emma being affectionate with her stuffed panda who came along for the outing. She hugged him, comforted him when he apparently fell, & she helped him navigate the equipment. (Too bad she does not pay her sister the same courtesy...ha ha). I enjoy seeing this affectionate side of Emma emerging, she is such a sweet girl. :) Enjoy the pictures!!!

--The Baobay's Jamming to Pearl Jam--


What do you get when you mix...
Two Baobay's
Pearl Jam on the Ipod


I Know...I Know...

Where did The Montieth Ladies go?!?! Is anybody still following my blog?

I have been terrible about keeping up with the blog. I know. It has been nearly a MONTH since my last post! Wow.

Well, a lot has happened during this time; we celebrated Emma's FOUR YEAR Gotcha Day on February 26th! :) We also celebrated Sophie's ONE YEAR Gotcha Day on March 9th! :) We made an emergency trip back to Chicago to visit Greg's Grandma the first week of March and spent 3 entire days at the hospital. We are fortunate that we were able to spend time with her before she passed away. In between all of that we had Emma's Preschool Exit Meeting and it looks like we will have a fairly smooth transition to Kindergarten! Sophie spent a few days being evaluated for Preschool by attending class (with Emma!!). She LOVED going. She did GREAT! She is a smart little cookie. I will share the final results once we have them. Emma has been having a difficult time with her anxiety so we have made some dosage changes with her medication and hopefully we are on a path to a solution for her.

I will begin to post random pictures this week that are on my camera. :)

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