Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Cutest Boy EVER!!!

Look closely, look VERY closely...please take your time...okay, now tell me: Is he speaking to your heart too? He was SHOUTING to my heart to be adopted, unfortunately my husband Greg just could not hear him. He tried. Really hard. (*SIGH*). I want it to be stated that Greg's reasons had nothing personally to do with this cutie pie. It took me awhile to let go of this little boy. Obviously, I am still working on that! ;)

I first saw this precious little face known as "John" on LOVE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES blog last month. He was featured because he WANTS a forever family to call his own. I was able to find out a little bit more about him. LWB has a lot more information about him that they could share AFTER a family has been approved by the CCAA to adopt him-that is a very special gift for any adoptive parents!

What I can tell you is that his SN is post operative and he is apparently doing great. He is ALL BOY; he loves to play outdoors with the other kids in his neighborhood. He has been in foster care since 2005 in Anhui Province. He will turn 9 at the end of May.

I know of the last adoption agency that had his file. The lady that we spoke to was very nice and I have her contact information that I will share upon request. While his file has been returned to the CCAA this agency WILL request it for you. (I imagine that you could ask any agency to)?

If you are not considering adoption at this time please mention this little boy to some family that is. He just seems too special to not have a family.

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Terry Bernatt said...

Maddy just asked again last night about getting a brother. So wish we could adopt again. He definitely is a cutie. We'll say prayers for him.

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