Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Know...I Know...

Where did The Montieth Ladies go?!?! Is anybody still following my blog?

I have been terrible about keeping up with the blog. I know. It has been nearly a MONTH since my last post! Wow.

Well, a lot has happened during this time; we celebrated Emma's FOUR YEAR Gotcha Day on February 26th! :) We also celebrated Sophie's ONE YEAR Gotcha Day on March 9th! :) We made an emergency trip back to Chicago to visit Greg's Grandma the first week of March and spent 3 entire days at the hospital. We are fortunate that we were able to spend time with her before she passed away. In between all of that we had Emma's Preschool Exit Meeting and it looks like we will have a fairly smooth transition to Kindergarten! Sophie spent a few days being evaluated for Preschool by attending class (with Emma!!). She LOVED going. She did GREAT! She is a smart little cookie. I will share the final results once we have them. Emma has been having a difficult time with her anxiety so we have made some dosage changes with her medication and hopefully we are on a path to a solution for her.

I will begin to post random pictures this week that are on my camera. :)


Beth said...

Yes, we're still reading. Just waiting patiently for updates and pictures. :)
Sorry to hear about Greg's grandma.

Sherri said...

I am so sorry hear about your family' loss. I think thats pretty neat Sophie is doing so well! Good for her :) I wasn't sure if you were going to have her in the class or not. I am happy for Emma and hope she is able to continue to express her anxiety issues! Thinking of you guys!

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