Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Park

I took the girls to the park for a little while on Thursday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day! Below are the pictures that I captured. These are "natural" pictures...meaning that Emma and Sophie are not always "happy" and smiling! Which my posts may sometimes lead you to believe! ;)

Emma leads the way....
Teaching Sophie how to climb up the wall...and not leaving her a lot of room.
The slide was a bit hot...Sophie's turn....
Emma was bouncing the teeter toter a little bit too fast and Sophie was afraid!
"Hold on tight Sophie"!!! (Emma loves this teeter toter). Here is the full view shot. Sorry that it's off center... it was bright out and I coudn't see very well. The dumb looking kid in the backround climbed onto the middle as I was finishing the picture & started to jump...he recieved a little scold from me. I am sure that his white trash mom was eating a bag of chips and sucking down a sugary pepsi on a park bench somewhere. ;P
Oh Mommy, it is REALLY warm and crowded here we have to pose for another picture?!
Emma LOVES the swings....And, Sophie not so much. We are still easing her into the whole park thing, she is going to get a lot of practice this summer!

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