Monday, August 24, 2009

Yes, We Still Have Dogs....

The boys visited the groomer last week for their hair cuts. Don't they look cute? :)

Mikey-Age 6Jack-Age 8

"Ni'Hao Kai-lan"!

If you don't have toddlers; "Ni'Hao Kai-lan" is a cartoon on Nickelodeon . It is based on a Chinese girl and they teach simple Mandrin words. It reminds me of Dora the Explorer.

We are not big TV people but Emma and Sophie had watched the cartoon 2 or 3 times over the summer.

Obviously they really LIKED it because they were thrilled when I found the pictured shirts at Target last month. (I hate character clothing but these were really too cute and Asian to pass up)! We went to Toys R Us yesterday so that the girls could spend their gift cards from Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Henry. They spotted these characters from the show and that was it! Emma wanted the "Hoho" (my best guess is that it's a Monkey) and Sophie wanted "Kai-lan".

I think that there is definitely a "Kai-lan Kick" going on in our house! :)
(Thanks Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Henry)!!

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