Friday, October 30, 2009

Baaaaaad Mommy!!! : o

DUH-DUH-DUH!!! Yesterday was Emma's Halloween Party at school. Perfect photo-op, right?! Well, guess which Mommy forgot to bring her camera with? The party and parade were very cute and Emma helped lead the parade because of course she WAS Thomas the Train. :) Sophie was not sure what to make of the entire event. She wore her pumpkin costume and was fine with it as long as I did not put her hood up. The hood makes her cry-sheesh. :) Emma brought home a huge load of candy and has been very good about sharing it with Sophie. I will take pictures of the girls tomorrow before they head out Trick or Treating. For now I will leave you with random pictures taken this week...I am just going to lump them into one post. :)

The girls showing off their candy from the school party/parade, Sophie's faces are cracking me up!!

Just call these Megan's Bento Boxes. The girls had breakfast for dinner last night & they were pleasantly surprised with the presentation:

This is NOT a Pineapple, okay? It is called a "Pie-Apple". The girls are addicted to them. :)
Lao Lao mailed the girls another Pre-Halloween treat of Raisinettes and Goldfish. The girls gave their seal of approval with the thumbs up sign. :)

Emma was just looking soooo cute the other day, I had to take her picture. :)

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Beth said...

Woo-Hoo!! She got lots of candy from school. Maybe Sophie is deciding how she can sneak some of that when Emma's not looking? ha,ha

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