Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Emma's Trip to East Tawas in April

Emma loves visiting DeeWee's House;
Emma KNOWS that her Great Grandma Dee Wee always has candy and furthermore she knows WHERE to find the stash! :) Emma was probably looking upset in this picture because Mommy told her "No more candy before lunch"! ; )

Emma & Lao Lao!

Emma & her new friend "Otto":
Like any kid, Emma assumes that EVERYTHING at her grandparent's house is a toy. : ) When we visited Lao Lao & Yeh Yeh's house at Christmas time they had both a life size Santa and a Grinch; when you pushed their button they would sing and dance. Of course Emma assumed that Otto also had to have a button to press and she spent hours looking for it. : )

Emma bouncing with Lao Lao at the park.

Emma going down the Pluto slide.

Hello All Emma Fans!

Has it really been TWO months since my last post?! I keep telling myself that I am "just a few weeks behind..."! :O

Emma and I took a trip up to East Tawas, Michigan to visit my family in April. As always Emma was a great traveller in the car, but this time she was much more....uh, let's say- "vocal"! All that I heard for 420 miles was:

~"Emma get OUT"!

~"All done"!

~"This way"! (As in "Turn this way, Mom").

~"Lao Lao's house"!!!

I never really tire of hearing Emma talk...but, I'll admit that by the time that we made it to my parent's house I was just as happy as Emma to get out of the car!!! :)

We had a fun visit as always. : ) One of the highlights for Emma was going to the park; the park has the same cement animal figures there that I used to play on as a kid.

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