Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Emma in her Easter outfit! :)
Again my pictures are downloaded vertically and are posting horizontally?! UGH! :(
Emma had a nice Easter. She was excited to discover her Easter basket and enjoyed all of the Easter treats-especially the stickers (which we continue to find all over the house) and of course the candy.
She loves to get dressed up and was happy to pose for a picture before leaving to attend brunch at Aunt Marilyn's house! She was a very good girl, albeit having a horrible cold/cough.


Beth said...

Emma looks adorable in her pretty pink.

Julie said...

How sweet! Emma looks so pretty as always.

Doreen said...

Any plans to post again? I am dying to see updates.

Doreen in Montreal proud mom to Faith Jiangxi & Mia Sichuan

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