Thursday, October 7, 2010

The End of The Mid Autumn Festival....

So, we finished up celebrating The Moon Festival last Friday. Sophie and I were lucky enough to be able to join Emma in her Kindergarten classroom for a little while. The girls dresses up in their silks from Guangzhou, we made paper lanterns and ate an interesting snack. The captions will tell the rest of the story. :)

Miss. Sophie was pretty excited to wear her dress and Emma's old coat.

In fact, I'd say that she was looking a bit sassy....
Maybe conceited? ;)
Sophie posing in Emma's school.

And, in a hurry to get to Emma's room....
Emma & her friends were in music when we arrived. I had the chance to snap a couple of pictures while we waited for them to return.I won't go into details now, but Emma is OBSESSED with this frog! :D

This sign hangs outside of her room.
Emma and her Para, Ms. Kiley. A minute after I snapped this picture Emma ran over and brought Sophie and I to her table. :)
Listening to Mrs. Loux give instructions on Lantern making!
Emma did a GREAT job cutting!
So did Sophie!
This picture is one of my FAVORITES. :)
Emma passing out the infamous "corn rice sticks with vegetarian meat floss"...LOL! Most of the kids did not care for was hilarious to watch.
Children questioning the vegetarian meat floss perhaps?! ;P
Emma LIKED sharing with her friends. So cute. Of course if anyone said "No thank you" she got a bit perturbed. :)
Emma's school!!!
Sophie checking to see if Emma is coming. Nope not yet. She waits like this every day. Sometimes Sophie takes a jog while we are waiting.
We ended up finding Emma on the playground instead! :) Do you see her?
After school the girls and I took an hour long walk. Actually, I walked and they ate a sack lunch and relaxed while enjoying the scenery. :)
They *were* kind enough to pose by the hay bales for me....
They like looking at the cows. These are actually across from Sophie's school (where Emma attended last year).
The Kansas girls posing by the state flower; the sunflower.
After our walk the girls wanted to show off their lanterns for the camera!

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Beth said...

These are GREAT pictures!! All of them are SO cute! Sophie is adorable in her outfit, and I love the picture of the girls together in the stroller, smiling so big. :)

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