Monday, June 7, 2010

Biker Chicks

Emma & Sophie love to ride their big wheel bikes outside. Mostly we stick to the driveway...although once in a while they ride them to the park.

Chit-chat among sisters... Sophie figuring out how to pedal...
Annoyed that I am bothering them while they are trying to play....notice the forced smiles?!
It was a hot & windy day!!

Poor Sophie got stuck and was trying to remember how to pedal & steer. :) Emma was not at all pleased that she was blocking the way! :D
As you can see Sophie is observing Emma's techniques very closely....
Sophie is just a HAPPY little girl. :)
Whee!!! Look at hands!!
My beautiful, beautiful Emma...
Okay, this picture captures Emma's autism pretty clearly. Emma has been stemming with her hands a lot the past month or so, not sure why. She is SO a typical that at times it is easy to forget that she lives with this. I usually post the "better" pictures anyway. But, we are proud of Emma-never ashamed-so, I am leaving this one in.
I loved, loved this picture that I took of Sophie BECAUSE she looks baby-ish. :)

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