Monday, June 2, 2008

Wichita Wingnuts

*Family Picture at the Game. Emma refused to smile because she was MAD that we would not let her go out on the field and play with the Mascots...what mean parents we are....*

*Emma ran right up to the KU Jayhawk, too CUTE our daughter is*! : )
*Here Emma is trying to sit on the Giraffe's lap*!

*8:00 pm and Emma is done....or so we thought....she woke up at 9:00 pm asking for the Giraffe*!

We took Emma to her very first baseball game on Friday night. We went to see the Wichita Wingnuts, our minor league team play. Okay, you can stop laughing was a lot cheaper than going to Wrigley Field to see our beloved Cubs play. ; P

Emma talked all week long about going to her baseball game and we SO excited! So excited as a matter of fact that she refused to take a nap that afternoon before the game. Do you see where this post is going?! By the time that we got there she was yawning and every little thing was bringing on a full blown meltdown....yikes. The poor thing fell asleep after an hour and poor Mommy and Daddy drank their beers hoping that a buzz would hide our embarrassment! *lol*! ; )

It was mascot night so Emma was happy to see The KU Jayhawk, Geoffrey the Giraffe from Toys R Us, a polar bear, an oil filter, and an egg roll....hey you have to keep in mind that we were not a Wrigley Filed! ; P We actually had a really fun time and the 3 of us are looking forward to attending another game soon. : )

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Beth said...

The game sounds fun. We should do the same. Our minor league team actually plays about 5 minutes from our house, and we've never been!

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