Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Jakey Boy Attends a Party :)

Last month a fellow Jiang Cheng Orphanage Mommy posted pictures to our Yahoo Orphanage group of her daughter's 1st birthday. She had sent her little one a cake and camera for her milestone birthday.

Lo and behold....LOOK WHO was invited to the party!

Mr. Jake is the stinker in the white (or is it pink?!) shirt with the red lettering.
I love how he is being restrained in the last two pictures~
he must have REALLY wanted that cake ALL to HIMSELF!

It is AMAZING to see pictures of my son while he is still a half a world away. Hold on Jake...Mommy is coming as SOON as I can! :)


ourchinagirls said...

Good thing his Mommy knows how to bake cake :) Who blames him? I like cake too!! Betcha can't wait to kiss those cheeks!!

Mom said...

Precious Boy! Hurry Home to your Mommy, Daddy and big Sisters! You can have all the cake you want!

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