Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Emma is a Horse!


Today is Emma's Halloween Party at school! Her school divides the celebration into two days because there are so many children that attend the school; I suppose that it would be complete chaos having the parade with ALL of those 3 & 4 year olds wearing their costumes at once! Speaking of wearing costumes, don't let this picture of Emma fool you! She was clearly confused & not very happy that I made her wear her costume today. She LIKES her "Horsey" very much, but she is not too keen about actually wearing him for more than 2 minutes. :) After this picture was taken she immediately started to try to take her costume off and proceeded to tell me "All Done & No & Mommy"! (In no particular order). :) When we walked outside to the bus she ripped one of the stirrups off! And, as the bus pulled away I could see Emma through the window trying to remove any part of her costume that she could! *lol*! At least this is good practice for Emma wearing her costume today, hopefully tomorrow she will be ready for Halloween and Trick or Treating with her Daddy!

PS: Does anybody notice anything different about Emma? (Aside from the fact that she is dressed as a horse)? Emma got a haircut last weekend and now she has bangs! I was resistant at first, I just did not want her to have bangs...but, she has SO much hair and it was always in her eyes. I love her new look, I think that she looks just adorable! :)

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