Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Big Bird in China

Ni' Hao, We're Back! :)

I'm sorry that I have not posted to Emma's blog in a couple of weeks. Emma had been very sick with an ear infection and therefore I had nothing "happy" to post! (Trust me)!! ;)

Emma newest obsession is watching the video "Big Bird in China". One day while she was not feeling well her Daddy played it hoping to cheer her up-& it worked! We bought the DVD for Emma last Christmas & she was not interested in watching even 5 minutes of it. It is amazing what a difference 10 months makes because now she absolutely LOVES it! "Big Bird in China"? have been the first words out of her mouth every morning for the past week and she would watch it ALL DAY LONG if we allowed her to! As it is she watches it at least twice a day. The video is actually pretty cute and I'd much rather watch it -vs- The creepy Teletubbies any day! By watching this DVD we think that Emma has slowly begun to make some type of connection that she looks like the Chinese people in the video. She watches it SO intently while smiling, laughing and singing along. While it is playing she goes and gathers up all of her ASIAN dolls and brings them over to play with. It is cute that she only plays with the Asian dolls while this paticular video is on.

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