Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Emma Just LOVES Snacks!

Do you think that Emma looks a bit nervous that she was caught in the act?! :)
Camera or not, those Panera Bagels and Bunny Cookies were too good not to eat! : D

I think that Emma taste tested each one just to make sure that they were the same. ; P Like most toddlers Emma LOVES to snack! We try to help Emma make healthy choices, but she has a mind of her own! She has a terrible sweet tooth (like Mommy) and I am surprised that she still weight just 33 pounds! ; )

We normally do not have a lot of goodies in the house, but last Sunday morning we happened to have both Easter cookies and Panera Bagels on the counter. Greg was upstairs (3rd level) working in his den while Emma was with me in the basement. She asked for a snack and I sent her upstairs alone to "Ask Daddy".

About 5 minutes later I had finished my project in the basement and headed upstairs to find Emma sitting ALONE on a stool at the counter happily gorging on bagels and cookies. She had pulled the stool up all by herself and opened up the Ziploc bags. : ) Obviously she did NOT ask Daddy for help, she was probably worried that he would offer her yogurt or a banana.


Julie said...

Too funny! She looks adorable even being sneaky!

Truly Blessed said...

I love how she took ONE bite out of EVERY cookie!

Smart girl -- now they're ALL HERS!!!!!

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