Sunday, August 7, 2011

The First Ones

                                     THESE are some of the very first pictures that I ever saw of Jake.
Wait-come to think of it....
one of these pictures IS the VERY FIRST one that I saw of him.
I will make a note of it below. ;)

Tami, Jake's "Earth Angel" met him on this day in September 2010 when he was just six months old.
(Um, Tami-If I have the date screwed up PLEASE correct me here. Okay-thanks!).
I can't speak for Tami as to why she decided to advocate for Jake. BUT, Greg and I are SOOOO grateful that she did!!!

Tami adopted her daughter Aubry with in a few days of these pictures being taken. Aubry is the pretty girl in the green shirt. She has a pretty amazing adoption story herself. ;) I don't have permission to talk about it....but, trust is SO cool.

Now, go ahead and enjoy the precious baby boy pictures below. (Unless you already have-LOL)!

 ~~~~~~~~~~~THE FIRST PICTURE OF JAKE THAT I SAW :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Terry B. said...

Sweetie pie!!

Leanne said...

Oh my goodness......I just found your blog.
Is that where your son is still living?
That is our daughter's orphanage...... I recognized the lady in the first picture.
I also remember seeing Jake somewhere.....he is adorable.
Contact me if you'd like!!

Mom 2 six said...

Cute- everyone of them !

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