Friday, February 11, 2011

Bubble Wrap

Emma and Sophie were awake a bit later than usual last night. (They are normally in bed between 6:30~7:30 P.M...). The doorbell rang at 7:35 PM. Lo and behold my NEW BREAD MAKER was delivered! (Do I have a wonderful husband or what???!!!). Being Food Network fans the ladies were delighted with the delivery. Emma asked "Is it like the Barefoot Contessa's"?
BUT, even more exciting than the appliance was the BUBBLE WRAP.
Emma has never really been that excited about bubble wrap. AND, Sophie did not even really realize what bubble wrap is capable of.
The above statement can now be retracted.
Emma ripped the bubble wrap out of the box. And, never one to be left behind...Sophie discovered the joys of bubble wrap as well.
Oh dear, it seriously sounded like the Fourth of July in our living room!!! They squeezed it with their little fingers. They jumped on it. They crawled on it. They even rolled over it. They shreeked in delight and giggled until they lost their breath.
Greg and I were laughing really WAS funny!!!
And, when the last bubble was popped about 20 minutes later they went off to bed.


ourchinagirls said...

My girls L-O-V-E bubble wrap! We usually save it all year long and then pop it for Chinese New Year to symbolize the firecrackers going off.

We need to get together soon!!

Anonymous said...

The joys of bubble wrap. :-) It looks like the girls had so much fun. I hope you like your bread maker too, it looks like a nice one.


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