Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meat Floss and Moldy Moon Cakes...

This is the fourth Mid Autumn festival that I have celebrated. I love this Asian holiday & the meaning behind it. If you go back to my post last year (September 2009) I had entered a little synopsis from the Internet about the holiday. If you are not familiar with Mid Autumn Festival...also known as Moon Festival....think of it as an Chinese version of Thanksgiving.

We had the best intentions of celebrating last weekend and somehow things really did not come to fruition. When you have a 3 & 6 year old sometimes you just can't "make" things happen. :) Being more of a seasoned and experienced parent I know that I am not scarring them for life if we don't celebrate every holiday "perfectly". :)

Remember in my previous post that I had announced that we were going to go out to eat? *Cough*. Well...Emma and Sophie did NOT want Chinese food....or ANY Asian cuisine for that matter on Saturday. They did not want to eat IN a restaurant for that matter! They BEGGED for their ONCE A WEEK treat of a Happy Meal instead. It was 5 o'clock, it was pouring rain, they were starving and grouchy, I had a we told them yes. I believe that I muttered something about a cheeseburger being round like the moon? (Greg & I opted for Thai food)!

We *did* visit a new Asian market. It is geared more toward Vietnamese culture. But, the owners were friendly & it did not smell TOO fishy. And, they had moon cakes! So, we bought a box of 4 figuring that we could eat 2 at home and Emma could take 2 to school to share with her class. I was naively pleased that they gave us $5 off of the box and assumed that it was because Moon Festival had started on the 22nd and most boxes had sold out. Come to find out the next day when I opened the box...the moon cakes had MOLD beginning to colonize on them....Ewwwww! Needless to say we did NOT try eat them. :( Emma DID find some snacks to bring to Kindergarten for her Moon Festival celebration tomorrow. I *thought* that they were cookies. Ummm, yeah-they are not. Upon closer inspection at home I saw that they were called "Corn Rice Sticks w/Vegetarian Meat Floss". :D LOL! (If anyone knows what vegetarian meat floss is please let me know)!!! The girls wanted to try one. Emma took one bit and spit it out announcing that she did NOT care for it. Sophie ate hers AND the rest of Emma's! She has eaten a few more since. Greg and I took a tiny nibble and I would describe them as corn chips w/a peanut butter center. Gross-gross. I am curious to see the reaction of Emma's classmates tomorrow as they try them....LOL....I know, I am mean. :D

Here are a few pictures:

"Yummmm, I think that I remember eating these unique snacks in China"!
It was difficult to get a clear shot of the package...
Moldy Moon Cakes anyone?

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