Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hangin' on the Driveway....

One of Emma and Sophie's favorite things to do is play on our driveway. They could literally be out there ALL day, EVERY day. Of course they are only allowed outside with a grown these excursions are as MY schedule permits! :)

Emma is admittedly obsessed with the "stripes/lines" on our driveway. Apparently the masonry is not top notch because according to Emma the lines are crooked. And, do you know what? I BELIEVE HER. Emma can see things differently than most of us. If she says that they are crooked...then they are. :) Emma has had a challenging time at school holding herself I let her blow off some steam Wednesday afternoon. She likes to follow the lines with a is VERY autistic....but, she needed the release of doing it. So, I let her. With out redirecting to a more "typical" form of play. She was happy. :)

Sophie had a good time too! She is completely different from LAST year. Oh my. She LOVES to fly around on one of her bikes. :) A change from the days of her sitting on her bike with out moving with tears of terror in her eyes. ;)

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Beth said...

By the looks of it, Emma is going to be a great driver some day! :)

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