Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Potty Training Update

I could not resist taking these pictures yesterday afternoon. Honestly the whole incident was pretty funny. :P

Sophie REALLY has been doing well wearing "big girl undies" and I AM proud of her! But, she has averaged 1-2 accidents a day since Saturday. Lucky for us the puddles have only happened at home!

I figure that sooner than later she is going to get tired of cleaning up her own puddles. She was pretty mad at me yesterday when I put her in the tub with instructions to strip, wash her buns and the stool that she peed on. I suppose that my stifled laughter was irritating her as well. ;)


Beth said...

Oh, that last picture is so sweet. I think you rarely have a picture of Sophie not smiling. She'll have bladder control in no time!! :)

Anonymous said...

just like that sweetie let me cum in your bum

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