Sunday, June 13, 2010

Potty Trained (for the most part....)!!!

Yesterday was a BIG day at our house. We decided to potty train Miss. Sophie! She has been home with us for 15 months and cognitively she has been ready for the last 12 months. But, she is very young emotionally and one of the most fragile children that I have ever met. (Translation: She sobs about everything)! ;) So, my gut told me not to push things too hard in this department. She just did not trust us enough until now and bonding with Sophie really had to come first. Over the past few weeks I kept seeing signs that Sophie was ready though.

So, Greg & I used the technique from the book "Potty Train in a Day". We (actually Greg!) used this same technique with Emma and she picked up potty training in about 8 hours. So, we figured that it would take about the same amount of time with Sophie...and we were fine with that. Well, wouldn't you know it...Sophie had the process down in one hour flat. Yep, ONE HOUR! That is just Sophie, if she wants to learn something she soaks it up like a sponge. Especially if undivided attention, praise and snacks were involved. It seriously helped that Sophie is a big attention hog and was basking in all of the praise. :D

Now, this is not to say that she is 100% trained...BUT, she had just one accident yesterday and one today...which is not bad at all. I don't for see too many problems ahead. I am hoping that she will be trained during the night as well soon, but we'll just wait and see.

Here are a few random (not too graphic) pictures....Enjoy.....

The Motivating (junk) Snacks:
She chose "Dora" undies to wear for the big day:
And, proudly modeled them for the camera!

Notice her sweaty head? Sophie sweats like crazy when she is upset or nervous.
Here she is potty training her dolly first! :)

Dolly (who is creepy looking!) gets a snack for going on the potty: Now it's Sophie's turn too, she wants a snack like her Dolly!
Dolly is staying DRY so she gets another snack. Isn't it kinda nasty eating in the bathroom? :(
Sophie is DRY TOO! Whooooo-yeahhhh! She gets a snack too.
Drinking A LOT of apple juice to help the process along:
Checking to see if Dolly is wet or dry...
Cute toes: Helping Dolly wipe off:


Beth said...

Love it!!! Way to go Sophie and way to go Mom and Dad for being so patient and hands-on.

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