Monday, January 18, 2010

~~Sophie's Day~~

....okay, it wasn't exactly Sophie's day...but it was her morning! :)

I brought Sophie to a Pre-screen Clinic for Preschool. We went through an obstacle course of rooms and she was tested on:
* Fine Motor
*Gross Motor
*Cognitive Skills

Sophie did quite well! There is a delay in her vocabulary and there is a question of where her social skills are at. Her vision screen was questionable...but, I think that her sight is likely FINE. :) It is challenging to test a 3 year old!

Sophie qualified for further evaluation. So, in a month or so we are going to follow up in the above mentioned areas. She had a good time visiting school today! :)

Sophie getting ready to go!
Her folder.

Her prize from Mommy for doing a GOOD job!
Relaxing with a puzzle after her busy morning! Do you like her new hair style? ;)


Sherri said...

It was great seeing you and Sophie today! Elise was a little overwhelmed with the whole ordeal. All she wanted to do is stay in Mrs Marci's when we went to vision she freaked out! haha oh well I am not concerned about her vision or hearing. You will have to let me know where you decide on sending her to preschool.

Mom said...

Good for Sophie!!! She did a great job. Love the hair style!

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