Sunday, January 17, 2010

Emma's 1st Horseback Riding Lesson!

It was a week of "firsts" for Emma! On Friday morning she lost her FIRST TOOTH and the following morning she had her FIRST HORSEBACK RIDING LESSON! Our oldest baby is now officially a big girl! (I will post pictures of her first tooth very SOON). Greg took the following pictures with his Blackberry and emailed them to me so I ended up posting them out of sequence~but, I think that he captured some great pictures of Emma. :) Her teacher's name is Dwayne and her horse was Whiskey. She did a WONDERFUL job and we were all very proud of her...even Sophie! :) Emma will be taking lessons once a week. She loves horses and it will be good "therapy" for her as well....


Mom said...

Great pictures of Emma and Whiskey!She looks like such a big girl!

Sherri said...

Oh my goodness I bet this was super fun for Emma! She looks so tiny next to that horse :)

I keep thinking we should do horse therapy for got me thinkin :)

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