Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Catching Up with Random Pictures

Emma has been practicing writing the letters of her name! Our next step is to write them in sequence.
Emma has also been styling her doll's and stuffed animal's hair & fur. Doesn't Dora look great? ;)
What do you do if it is POURING out and you don't own a rain coat or rain boots?
It was a VERY lame Moonfestival celebration this year. It kind of snuck up on us for the first time. I did not want it to pass without allowing Emma to at least celebrate it a school as I have for the past 2 years. So I created a coloring page. Next we bought fortune cookies WHICH IS NOT EVEN A CHINESE THING & rounded out the nutritional value with bananas. Both Emma and Sophie are from southern China and their county of Yangdong is known for growing bananas. (THAT IS RIGHT; IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW...BOTH OF THE GIRLS ARE FROM THE SAME COUNTY! BUT, OF COURSE DIFFERENT SWI'S 60 MILES APART). :)
Emma brought in some Chinese culture to share with her teachers and classmates. I tossed things in a bag the morning of school. :)
I love this picture of Sophie taking a nap. She still looks like such a BABY! :) This was my first true attempt at french braiding Emma's hair. It did not turn out so great. Luckily Emma did not care. ;)
I used a blow drier & round brush to style Sophie's hair. I thought that it turned out VERY cute! I think that Sophie was pleased with the results as well.... A sneak peak of what Emma's school picture will look like this year.
I still just LOVE seeing BOTH of my daughters TOGETHER! They are TRUE sisters in ever sense of the word. :)


Beth said...

I love that you take stuff in to Emma's school. This is Katie's first year of preschool, so maybe I'll take something in for Chinese New Year. - Love all the cute pictures!!

mom2eliza said...

Absolutely adorable photos; love all the hairstyles, even Dora's! Looks like something Ava would've done to her dolls too. I think the french braid came out great! I still haven't mastered that either; remember Julie whizzing away on the french braids when we were all together?! Sheesh. And how cute Sophie looks with her hairstyle. It's getting long! Really cute pictures; what's up w/ the garbage bags though? I know you have rain-gear for Emma? That was pretty funny! Miss you all so much. I love the picture of the girls together too. Smooches to you all!

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