Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Auntie Molly's Visit!!!

My sister Molly came to visit us over the weekend and we had a GREAT time!!!! Both of the girls (& the dogs, too) ADORE their Auntie Molly! Emma wanted to hold her hand and sit on her lap every second. Sophie was content to stare at her and smile. :) For some reason we did not take a lot of pictures so this is all that I had to upload.....

*Auntie Molly making salsa for us with the produce from the "Apple Orchard".* *We thought that it'd be fun to go to a real orchard and pick apples. I'd heard of this place from another local Mom and the website was cute so we decided to venture out and try it. Unfortunately we found out that we were NOT ALLOWED to pick apples....what?! Yes, due to insurance reasons people can no longer pick their own apples. *Sigh*. The owner was VERY nice though and we did not want to look like snobs so we stayed. We walked a grasshopper infested $6 pp maze that was created with crime scene tape and bought over priced fruit & veggies.* ;)
Sophie and Emma enjoyed their baby pumpkins and coloring books from the "orchard"!

The girls were both bundled up and ready to pick apples. Aren't they too cute?!

Sophie enjoying some potential cavity-causing fruit snacks. :)
Emma INSISTED on sitting here. She really was HAPPY about it contrary to her face!
Emma is wearing new feet PJ's that Auntie Molly bought for her!
We went out for sushi Molly's second night here. The following are pictures from her camera...


Mom said...

It looks like everyone had a great time (wish I could have been there too!) Emma and Sophie sure do love their Auntie Molly!

mom2eliza said...

Hey I have a sister named Molly too! Wow, cool. Looks like lots of fun was had by all. Chuckled at our story about apple "picking", the cricket infested maze and over priced fruits. Hee, hee. Newton, hmmm is that where the pony ride "not" was? Sounds familiar. Your sister was a good sport letting Emma be all ocd about her! Hee, hee. Cute, cute picks. Can't wait to see you all!

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