Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random Pictures from Our Trip to Chicago & Michigan

(These are not in chronological order).

*Although we have never been there this is our favorite town in Missouri* *The following pictures are from the Fourth of July Parade in East Tawas, MI. It was the girls first parade*!

*The girls with Lao Lao & Yeh Yeh*

*The girls and Great-Auntie Karen playing with cousin Katie's old doll house*.
*Pictures from our Adult Dinner out*!

*Sophie and Lao Lao reading*

*Sophie and Emma sleeping on the air matresses*
(Looks like Sophie was thumbing through some reading material before bed)!;)

*Emma hanging out with Yeh Yeh*

*Emma & Sophie with their Great-Grandma Dee Wee. Dee Wee is 96 years old and Emma is named after her* :)

*The girls watching TV*

*We were in the car for 40+ hours round trip. This is the ONLY time that Emma took a nap! She dozed off for about 40 minutes. Sophie took a few more naps than Emma did-but, not many*!

*Sophie and Great Grandma Jo who is 87 years old*!

*Emma hanging out with Uncle Bob*
*Emma and Sophie with Nonna*
*Pa Pa squeezed in the back seat with the girls and they though that it was pretty funny*!


mom2eliza said...

Wow, great photos! Looks like you got to see lots of family and had a fun time. The girls are adorable in all the photos. Sorry the drive was so long and Miss Em did not want to nap in the car, but maybe she just wanted to see how many roadsides she could find with her name on the sign?! Too funny, btw. Glad your home. We'll catch up live one of these days.

Beth said...

Love all the pictures. Looks like you guys had such a good time, visiting with family. - And don't be afraid to use some Benedryl next time for sleeping in the car. If it doesn't work for Emma, maybe it will work for you. ha,ha

Karen said...

What a great trip :) The hours in the car are priceless are they not ???? What a beautiful family you have and the girls are so dang cute ! I will email soon, Z is 7 so we are in birthday preparations.

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