Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just Call Us The White Trash Family -or- Call Our Girls Ike & Tina! Part I

So, you are probably wondering WHAT in the heck my title means? Well, it's actually a dual title because both fit this post today. :)

I am referring to us as the "White Trash Family" because THAT is what we looked like when we went outside earlier this afternoon. We decided to go outside to do some yard work and clean our cars while Emma and Sophie played, we did this PRE-showers/baths. So, we all looked a bit grimy. Plus our dogs need to be groomed so they looked pretty homeless too. Oh well, we had a lot of fun anyway! :)

About our girls being Ike and Tina (Turner), that is the name that Greg coined for them this morning. The girls have been picking at each other A LOT this week! Sometimes it is about small things that you can ignore and let them work out... NOT TODAY. Emma had shoved Sophie a few times this morning, & each time Sophie would go right back over by her to play. Greg said that Sophie was behaving like a battered wife, going back for more. Sophie had a board book that Emma apparently wanted and we can only surmise that Emma grabbed it from her and whacked her in the face a few times; we were in the kitchen and the girls in the bedroom right behind us. We heard Sophie cry (not a whiny one) & we saw Emma ("Ike") standing next to her with the evidence (book) in hand. Poor Sophie ("Tina")has a 1 CM gash on her cheek where the book's corner caught her, she also has a red bruise over her eyebrow.

It sounds like Greg and I are just making light of it, trust me we are NOT. Emma's favorite trio of toys went for a time out on top of the refrigerator and Emma was sent to her room for 5 minutes. We also spoke to her about it once things calmed down. However, what is done is done now and if you can not laugh about raising children then you are probably going to cry!


mom2eliza said...

Okay, I'm cracking up over both part I and part II and the lunch outing-pout over the mini horse! Ha, ha, ha. Poor Sophie; you've got to teach her how to do a karate chop to Emma's knee! Hee, hee. Oh my, I'm speechless at the moment. So funny. Hugs and kisses!! p.s. I love Sophie's big, bright smiles.

The Shifflett Family said...

Great posts Megan! Its sounds like your house is much like mine. I had convinced myself that if I had two girls and not a boy and a girl that I wouldn't have the fighting that I have every day but your girls proved me wrong. The girls looks great and you just have to love sibling rivalry!

Anonymous said...

Hey Megan,

I loved the Ike and Tina names from Greg!!! I can't to see you guys and the girls on 4th of July.
They look beautiful!

Love, Molly

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