Sunday, May 17, 2009

Friday's Family Lunch

I had a doctor's appointment on Friday morning so Greg worked from home for the first half of the day. The girls and I decided to drive him back to work and we stopped at Red Robin for lunch on the way to the office. We had "birthday coupons" for free meals for both Emma and Greg so we couldn't pass up eating there! I met another "China Mom" there, she actually approached our table and introduced herself. She was nice and her daughter was too cute! We are hoping to see her again for a future play date this was just nice to meet somebody who doesn't say stupid things about your family. :)

*Pre-lunch pose at home.*

*Notice that they BOTH have a Pooh!* *Daddy with his two biggest fans*
*Sophie loves to color in restaurants!*
*Emma was pouting because............*
*We told her that she could NOT ride this horse!* :)


Beth said...

I'm sure Ike and Tina will have more good times than bad. ;)
Glad you met another China Mom. That's always fun and so nice to have someone who is able to relate to your situation. - And do you know how tired I am of hearing, "Doesn't that little girl look like Katie?"... when whatever little Asian girl they are referring to actually looks nothing like Katie with the exception of dark hair and dark eyes. And many times this comes from my own family!!

Karen said...

Megan - where do you find the time & energy to do all this and post on your blog ? You are my hero :) The girls are beautiful and acting like perfect siblings.


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