Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Sophie!

First of all, this is a fluke that I'm posting two days in a row so DO NOT expect it to be the norm! ;)

It was 87 degrees outside and sunny today. Sophie looked SO cute in her Cubs cheerleading outfit that I decided to have a little photo shoot outside before it was time to pick up Emma from school.

Sophie has been a little bit grumpy this week so I was grateful that she decided to cooperate and smile for a few minutes! :) She is a VERY sweet little girl who is normally easy going and happy. But, she and Emma have been at war with each other this week. The honeymoon is OVER and while they love eachother they do not want to share toys or their parents! ;) I guess that this means that there is no doubt that they are "REAL" sisters....*lol*!

Sophie is talking well and called me "MOMMA" over and over today. She is also and becoming a selective eater. She hates tortillas but loves grapes. She will wrap her arms tightly around me when I hold her and she ALWAYS has to kiss Emma goodbye when we drop her off at school. She tells every clerk that she sees at the store "thank you". :)

Life before Sophie is now a distant memory.


Beth said...

You're right... she's really cute in that outfit. And yep, I'll be checking tomorrow, just incase you decide to post again. hee,hee

Natalie said...

She sure looks cute in her Cubs attire!

mom2eliza said...

Oh my gosh, she is ADORABLE. Love the outfit!!! That last photo is perfect (wish we were all posing on the front stoop again with Sophie). I just want to take her in my arms and give her a big hug. She sounds amazing Megan. I love that she is huggy and kissy and says momma and thank you. How cute!

We bought those same squeeky shoes for Eliza on Shamian Island. We took the squeekers out right away tho because they freaked her out. Now, of course, she'd love the noise!! Cute, cute, cute.

Go check out Miss E's blog...I got a video of her saying "mama" this a.m. Hugs girlfriend. Good chatting last night. My head still hurts, but at least I woke up this a.m. Stupid horses!!! xxoo Sarah

Julie said...

Sophie sounds so precious. I wish I could meet her sometime soon. She is so adorable and looks great in her Cubs outfit!

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