Tuesday, April 21, 2009


FLOWER GIRLS: Emma and Sophie posing in their spring dresses before we took Em to school today! Greg bringing the girls and boys back from the park the other night (what a GOOD Daddy)!
DADDY'S GIRL: That's okay...I can understand why she loves him so much! ;)
STYLIN'!: Emma has had her own fashion opinions lately. One of them is that a barrette, headband (& sometimes a rubber band) look fabulous together. Ugh. And, she wants to do it by herself (this is good). So, when we are at *home* I let her fix herself up...when we are in public what I say still goes. :)
Sophie wants to be just like Emma in SO many ways. (God help me...). :) Last week I caught Sophie wearing one of Emma's backpacks and Emma informed me that Sophie was getting ready to go to school. (It was about 5:00 pm). As you can see Emma styled both of their hair.
What is the Kleenex necklace that Sophie is wearing? Well, Emma had a nasty cold a couple of weeks ago and she was blowing her nose ALL of the TIME. I didn't want her to use up the classroom's entire supply in one day so I fashioned her this necklace to wear for easy access. *lol*. The girls and the Pooh's! I have no idea why Soph is not smiling in this picture because she was having SOOOO much fun and screeching! :)
Pooh and Zoo: We met our friends Kathy and Emma at the Zoo on Saturday. Emma insisted on wearing this red shirt because it was "red like Pooh's". We were running a few minutes late so I did not have time to iron it! :( And, yes I know that Sophie was not smiling for the camera again. She DID enjoy feeding the animals!
This was right before Emma hugged the poor goat with such "love" that he almost flipped out! ;)


Beth said...

Great pictures!! - Katie likes to choose her own outfits and fix her own hair as well. I just make sure on those days, IF I let her go out like that, I proudly announce to whoever is looking, "Katie dressed herself today!" Of course they tell her she did a great job, while understanding that her Mommy did NOT choose the red plaid skirt, green polka dot shirt, blue bow, pink barrett, and yellows shoes.

mom2eliza said...

Loved the pictures and the captions. Looks like they are keeping you very busy. Emma is making such good, independent strides. I know it can be a pain-in-the you know what, but you're right, it's good. Funny, but Allie seems to contraband any hair accessories that I buy for Eliza and wear them ALL in her hair at the same time too (and she's 13?)...kinda weird (Allie, I mean).

And Sophie, I love how cute she looks and her short hair. It's okay that she doesn't smile for all the pictures. I can still see how happy she is and what fun she's having. Gosh, it's amazing how small and young she looks next to Emma. Makes me wonder what Eliza is going to look like next to her jie jie Meiying. Wow!

Fun, fun Megan. Hope you're feeling better after those route canals?? Hugs my friend and kisses to the girls.

P.S. Love the pic of Greg, the girls and dogs...you kicked them all out of the house, eh? How did you spend that brief alone time? And what did Greg do to deserve all of them at one time??? Ha, ha...I can picture him sitting at the playground reading the Wall Street Journal while Emma pushed Sophie on a swing and the dogs sniffed around for treats! JK Greg!!

The Shifflett Family said...

Your girls are so cute! I love the stories of them doing things together and Sophie wanting to be just like Emma. It amazes me how quickly children bond! God bless. Doris

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