Monday, March 23, 2009

Sleepy....but, Settling In!

We arrived home on Friday afternoon and I am happy to say that all is well. :) The laundry is done, I cooked dinner last night, the girls are getting along quite well...if we were all sleeping regularly I would say that thing are near perfect. :-) Emma has been sleeping with Greg and I have been camping out in Sophie's room. But, Sophie wakes up every 30 minutes whimpering and Emma's body clock is still on China time. Last night was a little bit better though and I am sure that in another few days all four of us will be in our own beds sleeping soundly...unless that is my sleep deprived fingers typing. :)
The girls both did WONDERFULLY on the flights home...they were model passengers. I am VERY proud of Emma and the way that she handled herself during this journey. I know that it has taken every ounce of her self control to regulate herself; her meltdowns were truly kept to a minimum. She is a very loving big sister and she wants to be with Sophie all of the time. At times she is a bit of a mother hen and as I was typing just now she put Sophie in time out for some mysterious defense. :D Sophie has also handled her life transition better than I could have hoped for. She seems very comfortable with all of us and she LOVED being with her Lao Lao too while in China. Sophie cuddles with us, expresses her needs, has good eye contact and comes to us for comfort....a very good start! She began to repeat some words in English while in China and continues to repeat words now that we are home. As far as I can tell she is developmentally on target....or at least very close....and she shows no signs of neglect or trauma.
I want to apologize to all of my family and friends for not bloging often while in China. I had thought that I would be able to blog every day; and as Greg posted before there was a miscommunication with the hotel staff about WiiFi . I was disappointed that things did not go as planned. I will start posting to the blog on a regular basis in the next couple of days and share pictures. :) The ones that we have posted of Sophie really do not do her justice, she has a beautiful toothy smile!


mom2eliza said...

Thank you for the update and it was so good to hear your voice this a.m. and the girls' too. Gosh it made me miss you more. Cracks me up that Emma put Sophie in time out... what a riot. You sound wonderful and rested (at this early hour). Hope Mikey and Jack can find themselves a restful spot again...poor boys! Talk again soon. Love ya and miss ya, Sarah and Eliza

Missy said...

Yea!!! You are home, safe and happy, albeit sleepy!! Let me know when I can bring a lasagne over and give you an easy supper nite! LOVE the pictures, keep 'em coming! We thought of you all each and every day; so glad you are home!

The Wenzl's

Beth said...

Welcome Home!!! So glad to hear the trip went well and the girls did so great on the flights. That really is a LONG flight, so having the girls do well is such a blessing. I can't wait to see more pictures and hear more updates.

Ashley said...

SO PRECIOUS! I am very happy for you!

Ashley from AAI

Julie said...

I'm so glad to hear the girls are adjusting well to each other and that Sophie is transitioning well. Hope you get through the jet lag fast!

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