Monday, March 23, 2009

Just China Pictures!! :-)

Our New Friend Judy...we shopped a lot at her place. Greg makes a friend at the park...

Megan's Reunion with her friend Kim-we met her while in China to adopt Emma in 2006. :) (L to R: Mandy, ME, Kim).
Sophie snacking in the stroller...she loves to eat!

Emma & Pooh. (Pooh was black and likely carrying Samonella and Herpes by the end of the trip....ICK)! ;)

1st bath together in Guangzhou
Snuggling with Lao Lao!
Emma and Sophie becoming friends.
Emma & Sophie with fancy hair styles...and our dirty laundry in the backround-nice. :)

The Famous Red Couch Picture!


mom2eliza said...

Okay, these are gorgeous pictures of two beautiful, darling girls! I am so happy for you all (you know what I mean). Sophie is so darn cute and Emma just looks really more at peace. Seriously. Wish I was living closer, to come over and help and play. I miss you all! Big HUGS!! Sarah and Eliza

Karen said...


Thrilled all is well and you are home safe. I look forward to more of your pictures of these gorgeous girls!


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

As I am a new Yangxi mum... I find myself looking at all the photos... I see you had a photo taken with Judy... she is still there :) We would talk to her alot...
Your daughters are so gorgeous...

Anonymous said...

love to join them bathing I could have soooooooooooooooooo much fun with their tight little p---y's

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