Monday, January 12, 2009

We Have LOA!

We received our LOA today after waiting for 89 days! For those of you who are adoption challenged; that means that we received our Letter of Approval to adopt Sophia Grace from the CCAA. (That is the Chinese Center of Adoption Affairs). Our adoption agency is overnighting it to us today and we will sign it tomorrow and overnight it back to them; then it is on it's way back to China! We should have Travel Approval from the CCAA in 3-4 weeks. Sometimes families receive it earlier than that, but with Chinese New Year starting on January 26 and running through February 9th nothing will be happening on China's end. I can't believe that I am typing this; we will be going to bring Sophie HOME soon! I am still sticking to my guesstimation that we will be traveling at the end of February. Three years ago we were saying the same thing about Emma, it is pretty neat that we are traveling at the same time to bring Sophie home. :)


CC said...

I'm thrilled!!!! And maybe a bit envious ;)

I can't believe you're going again, it's going to be so awesome! Say hi to the shop keeper @ Lucy's for me!!

mom2eliza said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!! Wow, that is the second-to-best news (TA, being the best). Megan, I'm so happy for you. This is such a huge step in the process and a major relief when you hear those 3 letters. Whew! Congratulations...sending big hugs.

Mom said...

YEA! We are sooo happy. Get ready Sophie, you are coming home where you belong! Megan, Greg, and Emma, I can't wait to hop on that plane with you. Love, Mom

Beth said...

Oh Megan, that is such good news!! Wow, this has been a long wait!! I am so excited for you. - Are you taking your computer to China? I just need to know if I should glue myself to the computer while you're gone, checking for updates six or seven times a day. :)

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