Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Emma's First Trip to the Dentist!

This morning had her very first dental visit! While she has accompanied Greg and I to the dentist in the past for our teeth cleanings she has never had her very own appointment. We decided that it was time to change that. Our dental office has the nicest staff EVER-seriously! The hygienist was very calm and patient with Emma. She explained what all of the instruments were for in toddler terms and allowed Emma to sit on my lap facing me while she cleaned her teeth. :) Emma was nervous but she was also very brave! I was proud of her, this was a very big deal given Emma's sensory issues. By the time the dentist came by to check out Emma's teeth she was less than compliant and made it clear that she was finished with the visit. Oh well, maybe the next time we will have better luck! Emma has no cavities or decay...check out the pictures below to see her nice clean teeth!!


mom2eliza said...

I am very impressed. What a big, brave girl. I know there's no way that Eliza would sit there and let a dentist or hygienist clean her teeth. She'd probably grab the tools from their hands and clean her own teeth! So, way to go Emma. I'm very proud of you. Would you accompany Eliza to her first dentist appt?!! Megan, did you leave something out of this post (gd)...hee, hee... Hugs! Auntie Sarah and bff Eliza

Julie said...

I'm so glad Emma has no cavities! Your dentist office looks a lot like the one I took Kamryn too here. Which reminds me, I need to make her an appointment. Remember? Last summer she had oral surgery for 11 cavities and 2 crowns! Not fun. So seriously girl, I'm doing the happy dance for you & Emma!

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