Sunday, October 26, 2008

One of Emma's new favorite things to do is ride the carousel at the mall. I take her once a week and she is allowed two turns.

While we were at the mall yesterday Greg took her on the carousel. Later that night we noticed that Emma had recreated her very own carousel at home. :)

She acts out the events of her day through play all of the time. But, we thought that this was particularly clever! ;) Emma even included a tea cup (she calls it the "coffee cup") in her carousel~do you see the pumpkin bucket? She put two of her fisher price figurines inside and told me that it was her and daddy! :)


mom2eliza said...

What a great, happy photo of Emma. I love her waving so good. Tell her that Eliza loves the carousel at our mall too, but hasn't been brave enough to let go w/ one hand and wave. (Actually, she doesn't wave at all yet..hee, hee.) What I really loved seeing though is the pretend carousel. That is major clever!! Great pretend playing and what a fun looking carousel for her little people. Miss you all!

Beth said...

I love her carousel!! I just love the creative imagination that kids have. It's fun for us to get to see things through our kids eyes, isn't it?

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