Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ride the Cow!

WalMart is getting quite expensive these days, and it is not only the price of groceries! I can not get in the enterance with out paying 50 cents for Emma to ride the Boar. She insists that it is called a COW and tells me "Emma Needs to ride the COW at WulMart"! It is always the best 45 seconds of her day. :)
Emma is really into Barney these days-and if I knew who introduced him to her I would *kill* that person...Greg and I are not fans of Barney. ;) Anyway, when Auntie Bertha in Michigan heard that Emma wanted a stuffed Barney she went through Cousin Katie's old toys and found one. Lao Lao promptly mailed it & as you can see by the look on Emma's face Barney has found a good home! :) (Thank You Bertha and Katie)!

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my3 kids said...

Awe too cute.....are there any mom's and dad's out there that like Barney??? Emma asked to watch Barney the other day and to think I thought we would get away with her not liking him..ha

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