Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pool Fun!

Walking to the pool (Emma no longer wants to ride in her stroller)!
Emma just loves her pink tube! (It's too big for her but she can fit in it with her life jacket on perfectly....).

Playing with Daddy-her preferred playmate these days!

Emma loves her Daddy so much!!
"Emma's Swimming"! (This is what she told us).
When we first brought Emma to visit the neighborhood pool after Memorial Day she was very frightened and refused to leave the steps! It is amazing to see her at the pool now just 5 weeks later! :) She LOVES it! While she is still cautious she will float around with her life jacket on and likes to use her tube too.
Note: I am still having issues rotating pictures, I press the rotate button but nothing happens-ARGH-frustrating!! ; )

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Beth said...

LOVE the pictures! These are some great ones of Emma. Looks like she's really having fun!

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