Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mother-Daughter Weekend

The ducks were HERE...

... And Emma was way over THERE! :)
(Watching from a safe distance)!

Greg has been in London on a business trip for the past week. Last weekend the weather was beautiful, so I had what I thought was a fun afternoon planned for Emma & I on Saturday. We went to The River Walk in Naperville to feed the ducks. Emma LOVES animals, therefore I assumed that she would enjoy throwing pieces of bread to the ducks & watching them eat...boy was I wrong! I spotted the ducks down a hill near the water and took Emma out of her stroller so that we could get closer to them. When she realized that we were heading in their direction she wanted NOTHING to do with it, she started to twist her body around me like a 30 pound pretzel while shouting "NO, NO, NO--ALL DONE"! I managed to calm her down enough to throw whole slices of bread (forget breaking off small pieces) & the minute that the last slice was tossed she ran back to her stroller and buckled herself in. : ) For those of you that know me well you are aware that I am deathly afraid of birds, so I guess that poor Emma inherited her aversion to our feathered friends from me? *lol*! After feeding the ducks we stopped by a fountain to play for awhile. Emma enjoyed splashing her hands around in the water, but I could not coax a smile out of her....I think that her experience with the ducks set the tone for the rest of the day! : )

"Alright, where did the ducks go"?

"Who can I splash"?!

Ten Little Fingers! : )

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Beth said...

Cute, cute pictures and great job on the blog!! Keep them coming. I love reading the updates. :)

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