Saturday, April 23, 2011

First Easter Egg Hunt

Today we took Emma and Sophie to their very first Easter Egg Hunt. Honestly they were not really ready to attend one until this year so I'm glad that we waited. The Easter Bunny was even there! Emma has always loved him...Sophie not so much. When she met him at Walmart 2 years ago she screamed her head off as soon as we got near him...LOL! :) However, she did GREAT this time.

Emma has always been very observant. I mean VERY!! As she hugged the Easter Bunny today she kept looking in his mouth...even trying to gently pry it open at one point. We realized WHY after the egg hunt had ended. Emma said "MOMMY? WHY IS THERE A LADY IN THAT COSTUME"?! : P 


 Greg & I almost burst out laughing. We explained to the girls that the Easter Bunny is VERY busy, especially on the night before Easter. So, people dress up in costumes for fun and to make kids happy. I asked the girls "Does that make sense"? Emma said "NO". :)


The egg hunt was at the zoo so we hung around for a little while afterwards. We bumped into our pals, The Ewings and we even got to see a sheep shaved. (Really)!

Sophie was exhausted and went to sleep IMMEDIATELY tonight. She actually asked us to stop talking so that she could go to sleep!

Emma...well, she is still up. She is insistant on meeting the real Easter Bunny, giving him a hug and telling him thank you for her basket. LOL.

I did not get really good pictures today. But, here they are for your viewing enjoyment:

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