Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Blog IS NOT Moving....

Dear Family and Friends,

Are you confused yet? I am! In my own defense I told you that I am clueless about computer related stuff. I have no idea about gigabytes or whatever the picture space is called. I finally got Greg to take a peek and he assured me that it would only cost $5 for a years worth of pictures. LOL. Oh my, I was thinking that I needed more gigabytes and that it was gonna be $200+. Oy, oy, oy! I suppose that we can squeeze $5 out of the budget. ;) Soooooo, please, please disregard my last post. And, disregard my new blog link. I am going to close it right now. It does not exist. Just this one. I am confusing myself so I am going to end this post. :)

I will be uploading pictures from Emma's FIFTH Gotcha Day which was yesterday. She had a GREAT day!

Thanks for your patience!

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Alexa Lan Lan said...

Hi Megan,
Any word/thoughts on a 5-yr reunion?

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