Wednesday, March 31, 2010


After lunch Emma and Sophie headed outside with me to play while I did some yardwork. The weather was gorgeous and we were outside for 2 hours!

They "helped" me for awhile by picking up stray rocks and returning them to the landscaping.

The boys joined us for a little while too.

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mom2eliza-mom2ava said...

Awww, what good helpers. I had to lock us out of the house the other day just to keep Eliza outside. After a few minutes, she always just wanders back inside...helping herself to a bag of chips in the pantry. So, after locking us out, I began mowing the backyard. Eliza followed me up and back, up and back, row after row. Sheesh... Maybe she'll be into mowing for me when she gets older?

Loved the pictures of the girls hunting for stray rocks and of course, the cute.

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