Saturday, November 21, 2009

----- Saturday's Surprise -----

After breakfast this morning I announced to Emma and Sophie that I had a *surprise* in store for them. I guess that was kind of mean because the *surprise* was a visit to the zoo...which is nothing special to them. I just wanted to present our morning plans to them in a more enticing manner hoping to make it all the more fun. When we arrived Emma asked "Where is the 'prize Mom"? Ha-Ha. :)

It was a bit cool (although it reached 60 by the time that we left!!) & we were incredibly lucky that it was not crowded. Emma had an easier time holding herself together. We had a very nice time and even caught the elephant show!


Mom said...

What a fun day!! They look adorable in their puffy coats and hats. What a good Mom you are!!

mom2eliza-mom2ava said...

Aren't you a super mommy taking the girls to the surprise zoo while daddy was away for the weekend! I would've been too tired! Ha!! Loved all the pictures. What an impressive elephant...I don't remember seeing that part of your zoo??? Just think, if you lived *HERE* we could go to the zoo together!!! Yeah!!! We have an awesome zoo (google it, Asheboro, NC Zoo). Not as close as your zoo; about an hour drive, but wouldn't that be sooooooo fun?! The girls looked adorable. Okay, gotta get cleaning in prep for Thanksgiving guests. Hugs! xxoo

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